Ghost after Breakfast

Short film 2017, 5:00 | Celebrating 90 years of DADA

Hans Richter directed his animated short film Vormittagsspuk as a future masterpiece of young Dadaist film history.
The controversial ideas of (engl.) Ghost before breakfast arose from a critical attitude in 1928.

This film inspired my practice 90 years after its release for a remake and the question: How would such a film look like today?

Filmed as a one-take in POV inside a forest. During my work I felt a big contrast between two worlds I knew seperated from each other. Media and special effects tend to distort and overstimulate our view of reality. The images of global day-to-day politics mix in the mind with computer-generated. Everything can be clicked and moved.

This new and fleeting way of dealing with digital information is the new called: afternoon spook – Ghost after breakfast.