Foresight Field

Speculative design practice | documenation UdK 2021

It is a place with history and an almost tangible future. Where a few decades ago planes left the runway into the air, the Tempelhofer Feld is now a place of space and tranquility, and very important:
a place for the public.

The field has been available to people in its entirety and without permanent restrictions since the 2014 referendum. It will also serve in the future for leisure and recreation and will be protected in its function as an inner-city cold air generation area and as a habitat for plants and animals. Nevertheless, it remains a place of change, although from today’s point of view a housing development still seems unimaginable for the citizens of Berlin.

I build an AR-device during the first pandemic-lockdown. In order to make probable, plausible or possible futures of the Tempelhofer Feld visible and conceivable, I took a walk with my device. Foresight Field is an attempt and strategy to look into the unimaginable of 2021.